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Welcome to Apar Yoga evolutionary 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program offering a creative, synthesis-oriented Yoga certification program that is the most exciting, intensive, effective, amusing and glamorous Yoga class in India

Yoga Teacher Training in india

Apar Yoga offering 200Hrs yoga teacher training program in World's Yoga Capital - Rishikesh. This training program is another stepping stone to become a professional yoga trainer. During this program we focus on providing complete training in a relaxed, modern and progressive environment, all this is done with an aim to boost your overall intelligence of well - being. During your stay with us we provide you nourishing space to help you gently relax.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga - the science of living, it escorts you to gain and share the ancient yogic knowledge. Apar yoga academy herby brings to you a passionate yoga Teacher Training in India program. This program will indulge you towards a peaceful and successful yoga teacher career. This is the best ancient science of all sciences which leads you to stress-free, relaxed, painless, anger-free and above all peaceful life, With our highly experienced yoga instructors this training program will end-up, leaving you in harmony.

Yoga Programs
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India

Apar Yoga Academy has intended this 200hrs yoga teacher training program to plunge students in the spiritual, traditional and intensive yoga training. The basic aim behind this 200hrs training session is to provide you comprehensive yoga knowledge along with breathing techniques, meditation process, correct postures and most importantly the philosophy of yoga which will help you to attain a harmonious, content and successful life ahead.

200-hour yoga teacher training in india
Yoga Courses for Beginners

The Yoga beginner's course offered by Apar yoga is a complete introduction of Yoga, its postures and practice. The enrollers of the program are given proper step-by-step guidelines on developing yoga postures, improving breathing skills, perking flexibility and boosting concentration power. As this is a beginner's course, hence, instructions are given over proper diet, positive thinking as well as on meditation. You can purify your soul, Mind and body by undergoing Yoga Courses for Beginners.

Certified by the worldwide Yoga Alliance for the 200 hours


Apar Yoga Academy is a reputed Yoga training academy located under the foothills of Himalaya, in the city of Rishikesh. Apar Yoga Academy offers you perfectly blended principles of yoga, which one can easily integrate in his or her day to day living. All yoga teachers training in India programs are held at our own Yoga Ashram. Inside our divine Yoga ashram, students get a chance to experience the real yogic regime clearly described in our Vedas. Our specialist and professional team of yoga instructors have comprehensive and expert knowledge in all types of Yoga styles.
In Our Apar Yoga Academy, Our yoga teachers training program also comprise of a number of pranayama,bandha, asana, kriya, Yoga meditation and mudras. To make the experience of this training program more eternal and astonishing, a number of sessions are organized under the blue roof of GOD where the holy river Ganga flows through. This yoga teachers training in India has many benefits for both beginners as well as for advanced learners.

Introduction of Yoga

Introduction of Yoga

The Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC)

The Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC) is an insightful experience that will certainly assist you in establishing a sturdy foundation of internal discipline. TTC is a broad and transformative yoga educational program; the curriculum of the course includes yoga postures, breathing exercises, yoga meditation, mantras, diet, kriyas, philosophy of yoga, chanting, etc.

Yoga Teachers Training Course (TTC)

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes in India

The Yoga Classes

Yoga is a discipline which is powerful as well as gentle. At Apar yoga's Yoga classes students are taught to incorporate different elements of yoga to unite body, soul and mind as well as increase breathing capacity and its awareness. At Apar Yoga Academy the power & techniques of yoga are united together to spread joy, peace and sharpen human sensitivity.

Yoga Insturctor in India


Yoga Teachers Training Accommodation

The Accommodation Facilities

Apar Yoga Academy offers world class accommodation facilities which are really close to the soul of universe and eternal GOD. In Rishikesh we provide our students with luxurious, intimate and budgeted yoga accommodation as per one's choice. Our accommodation facility includes healthy, nutritious and cleansing vegetarian diet; our overall diet will be clean, hygienic and will be low in fat contents.

Yoga Teacher Training